Salmson GS8

We were instructed to do body and paintwork to this lovely car.

This car was made in 1929.

Salmson was established in 1890 when Emile Salmson set up a workshop in Paris making steam powered compressors and electrical centrifugal pumps for railway and military use . Then in 1896 it began making motors and petrol powered lifts. Before Word war 1 it was one of the first companies to produce aircraft engines and they continued building engines for World War 2. After World War 1 the company began to started to build motors for cars and make bodies. Salmson had a very successful race history in the 1920's winning over 500 races and setting 10 world records. The company stopped racing in 1929, and recommenced its racing pedigree at Le Mans in the 1950's. Unfortuantly the company went bankrupt in 1953 and its factory was bought by Renault.

We have taken this car back to bare metal. The chassis and suspension components have been shotblasted, repairing the chassis where necessary. All shotblasted parts were painted as soon as possible with epoxy primer and painted in a dark burgundy.

The main tub has just been shotblasted and will require some aluminium welding. The tub is strengthened with an ash frame, which is in pretty good condition after 86 years; the ash in some areas does require replacing. It has been decided with advice to preserve as much originality as possible.


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