Racing Cars

We are proud to have worked on a number of Hillclimb cars, specializing in body and paintwork to carbon fibre, aluminium, steel and fibreglass cars. We have recently been involved in the new OMS 25 where we have prepared, primed and painted 6 such cars to date from bare carbon fibre. We have repainted Steve Owen's  CF08 this car is now a Fiat rosso red. Also repainted was James Blackmore's old CF04  in a Porsche red. We sprayed Eynon Price's OMS 2000M before this car was sold.

  • The Summer's 1980 RF80 Van Diemen Formula Ford was also prepared and painted by ourselves.
  • A 1970 Lola T140 chassis has recently been sprayed here in British Standard Grey. The body panels have also been repaired and painted by ourselves and the car will be seen on the Hills in 2012.
  • Mike Hall's Morgan was stripped of its old paint, the panels were shotblasted, repaired as necessary and painted.
  • We had the honour to repair and paint the body panels on Simon Durling's Brabham.
  • Other new OMS 25's that appeared on the Hills in 2011 which Classic Affairs painted included Trevor Willis's, Tim Wilson / Lee Griffith's and James Blackmore's.

Whatever your requirements, from repairs, repainting panels to full resprays, we would be happy to discuss. For more information please get in touch

We are passionate about racing! Please find below a list of some racing cars we have worked on in the past.