Bespoke Service

Paint Shop

Cars in our spray booth having just been painted. We favour using Deltron PPG two pack paints. We also have a water based paint mixing scheme. Once painted the cars are placed in our prep shop for polishing and any imperfections are rectified, hence resulting in a mirror type finish.



Please contact us for more information on our Fabrication Services. If you have a project you'd like to discuss with us, or have any questions about our services, please get in touch via the ­e-mail or via the methods below. We are able to weld aluminium and steel to suit your requirements.

Shot Blasting

In previous years we have used outside shotblasters and the disadvantages were distorted  panels, missed areas and exposure to air for too long.

Having learned from this ,we are now pleased to offer an in house shotblasting service where we can blast small items to complete cars inside a workshop. The shotblasted item is then taken immediately to our spray booth where it is coated with an epoxy primer which is non porous, contains zinc (which has anti corovise properties) and has good adhesion qualities.

Shotblasting wheels Shotblasted, epoxy primed and painted