1966 Singer Gazelle

We have restored this 1966 MK V1 Singer Gazelle. The MK V1 is the last of the Gazelles with the five bearing 1725cc engine that was shared with other Rootes cars such as  Hillman Minx and Sunbeam Alpine V.  There were only 1,484 of this model ever made.

This car was freed in 2009 from a garage in Stroud where it­ had been dormant for 35 years. As it had been dried stored for so long it was in reasonable condition for its age.

Bodywork included inner and outer sills, the floors were good and only needed small repairs. The boot floor was good but areas behind the rear lower wings needed attention and fabricating repair sections. The front wings were repaired as necessary. New front wings were and are available but the cost outweighed our repair time. Once stripped and all repairs were carried out; the car was shotblasted, Epoxy primed, primed and painted in the original colour and has been built up using new parts where applicable.

A genuine replacement engine was found as the original had a cracked block. The cylinder head was rebuilt and converted for use with unleaded petrol.

Many of the original parts are in good reusable condition and we have carried out a restoration that is not a complete "nut and bolt rebuild" but a sympathetic preservation with high quality body and paintwork; in order that the car can be used on a regular basis for many more years to come.


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